The shores of Perth are in danger of sinking, disappearing, and danger approaching


Some of Perth's most popular beach spots are at risk of sinking into the sea.

Where the city of Stirling sounded the alarm, with the issuance of a new report that revealed the threat of some articulated landmarks of the city to the danger of disappearance, if the issue of coastal erosion does not stop.

The impact has included the future of beaches from Watermans Bay to Brighton Beach at risk.

In this context, Mark Irwin, Mayor of Stirling, said that losing the infrastructure of these beaches would be a major disaster and would cost a lot of money to recover.

The Council released a draft Coastal Risk Management and Adaptation Plan on Tuesday.

As of 2045, the beaches at Mettams Pool and Watermans Bay are considered to be at severe risk of erosion.

And in 2070, the beaches at Scarborough, Brighton, The Trigg and West Coast Drive could also disappear.

It is worth noting that the homes remain safe and safe, but the locals fear losing their favorite beaches.

In conclusion, the Council now calls on the federal government to secure appropriate funding for coastal erosion nationwide.



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