A new delivery technology in Australia and the first in the world with the cheapest fares


A new technology has begun to deliver online shopping purchases to New South residents faster and reduce congestion on the roads, being the first technology of its kind in the world.

The technology is based on the deployment of cameras on the state's roads, which use artificial intelligence and infrared technology to provide the fastest and easiest way for transport trucks transporting goods.

The Minister of Transport stated that the technology is related to collecting data and sharing it with the shipping sector so that they can choose the best time and the highest efficiency.

In this context, the cameras are an effort to make the trucks take the most efficient routes at the right times, resulting in less pressure on the roads and faster delivery times.

Plus shipping costs could get cheaper.

As one of the main factors contributing to the high costs of basic items in the supermarket is transportation costs.

But moving products faster can mean lower costs for customers.



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