Raising the price of the popular food beloved by the hearts of Australians


Woolworths has raised the prices of packaged potato chips as potato shortages persist on supermarket shelves.

The giant Woolworths revealed that Australians expect potato chip prices to rise as shortages continue to persist in the country.

Months of heavy rains have inundated areas along the east coast, so potato production has been severely affected, resulting in higher prices and restricted purchases in some shops.

In this context, since last month, Coles has restricted the purchase of frozen potato products to combat the shortage, and these restrictions are scheduled to be lifted once the stores return to normal.

Unlike Coles, Woolworths has confirmed that it does not plan to apply any limits on frozen or packaged chips.

It is worth noting that potatoes were not the only victims affected by the recent floods, as berries, chicken, milk and lettuce suffer from temporary shortages.



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