Serious labor shortages in Australia and JobSeeker are increasing their payments


The labor shortage in Australia continues to hit bosses hard, with small business owner Joe Galasso, from southwest Sydney, saying he had not been able to get any employees into his shop for the whole of 2021.

In this context, he indicated that he suffered from many jobs in his store remaining vacant and he lost a lot of money.

Electricity costs also played a role in putting pressure on the financial situation.

Galasso said he was pitching potential work to clients and offering comfortable working hours to students who could work.

On the other hand, Jalaso criticized calls for an increase in JobSeeker payments.

He added, “If you want someone to work here for 20 hours a week, the wage is $23.50 an hour, which means that twenty hours equals $470.

But they pay you $450 to stay home.



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