Ship carrying 200 passengers crashes near Melbourne

A party ship has crashed into a barrier near Melbourne, wrecking it and sending five people, including a child, to hospital.

The driver was also suspended from his job and investigations into the incident began.

Meanwhile, a leisure cruise around the bay ended in utter chaos as the ship crashed in the Docklands.

There were more than 200 Somali community passengers on the ship.

The boat has been described as the largest cruise ship in the city with five-star service.

However, the accident came as a shock to the passengers, as they described it as terrifying, noting that people and furniture were blown away, and a large number of people were seriously injured.

It is worth noting that paramedics quickly examined several passengers.

They took five people to hospital, including a child and four women in their 40s and 50s, all of whom are in stable condition.

On the other hand, the police interrogated the captain of the ship and subjected him to a breath test in order to find out if he was drunk at the moment of the accident.

He was suspended by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority until the cause of the accident was determined.



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