Coles stores are restricting purchases of one of Australia's families' favorite staples


Coles confirmed that it will continue to place restrictions and limits on the purchase of frozen potato packages, as it suffers from a shortage of potatoes.

In this context, potato production in the country was affected as a result of the heavy rains and severe floods that flooded the country, which led to an exacerbation and an increase in the wholesale price of potatoes by 25 percent.

This means that frozen potatoes in Coles stores are your only way to get potatoes, which increases the value of the product.

Coles also confirmed that these restrictions have continued since December 15, when they first began.

On the other hand, Coles thanked their loyal customers for their patience while they work diligently with suppliers to reduce supply disruptions and restore stock to normal levels in the coming months.

It should be noted that the main competitor Woolworths continues without any limits or restrictions in the purchase and sale of potato products.

In conclusion, however, the storm and bad conditions will be weathered and supplies are expected to be back to normal by mid-February.



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