Discovery of a deadly mosquito-borne virus in Victoria

A deadly mosquito-borne virus was first detected in Victoria more than a decade ago.

The encephalitis was discovered in the Murray Valley in northern Victoria, just days after it was discovered in the Griffith area of New South Wales.

It is worth noting that it came after the heavy rains and floods that the region was exposed to.

And speaking of the virus, it can cause rare and dangerous infections in the human nervous system, which may be fatal in some cases.

Noting that it is spread by mosquitoes that bite infected animals.

In this context, the Victorian health authorities stated that there are currently no human cases, but its discovery means that there is an imminent danger to human health.

Dr. Brad McKay also stated that for people who live in outdoor areas, it is important to take immediate steps to reduce their exposure to mosquitoes.

In conclusion, it is reported that there is no vaccine or effective treatment for it yet.



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