What countries can Australians travel to without a visa in 2023?


London-based Henly & Partners, using data from the International Air Transport Authority, determines which countries need pre-visas for visa-free travel to 227 destinations in the world.

The latest Henly Passport Index data showed that Japan took first place for the fifth year in a row, allowing its citizens visa-free access to 193 major international destinations.

As for Australia, it comes in eighth place, which enables Australians to travel to 185 international destinations without a visa.

This year, Singaporean and South Korean passports are the second most powerful passports in the world, followed by Germany and Spain in third place.

Afghanistan is still at the bottom of the list, followed by Iraq and Syria.

What countries can Australians travel to without a visa?

There are 185 destinations that Australian passport holders can travel to without the need for a visa. They can also obtain a paper or electronic travel pass upon arrival at the airport, according to the Henley Passport Index.

49 European countries, including Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, allow Australians visa-free access.

More than a dozen destinations in Oceania also offer visa-free travel for Australians, including New Zealand, Fiji and French Polynesia, as well as several countries in the Caribbean, including Barbados, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

In America, 19 countries do not require Australians to obtain a visa to enter, such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, along with twelve African countries, including Botswana, Morocco and Tunisia.

Australians can visit 10 Asian destinations without a visa, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines, and 6 in the Middle East, including Israel and Qatar.

Cambodia, Egypt, Lebanon, Paraguay and Samoa are among the more than 40 destinations around the world where Australians can obtain a visa on arrival in the country, while an electronic travel authorization is available when entering countries such as the United States, Canada, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

What countries do Australians need a visa for?

There are 42 destinations where Australian passport holders need to either obtain a visa before departure or obtain prior approval from the government to obtain a visa on arrival.

More than half of them are in Africa, including Ghana, Kenya and South Sudan.

Cuba in the Caribbean and Nauru in Oceania also require Australian tourists to obtain visas - while Asia has 10 territories, including Afghanistan, China and North Korea.

Australians planning a European trip in Azerbaijan, Russia or Turkey will also need a visa, as will those heading to Syria or Yemen in the Middle East or Chile or Suriname in the US.

The most popular international travel destination for Australians

Indonesia is the most popular international travel destination for Australian residents, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

New Zealand and the United States were the second and third most visited places by Australians, while the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Fiji, Thailand, Italy and Vietnam rounded out the top ten.

We note that India and Vietnam are the only two countries on that list that require Australians to obtain a visa prior to their arrival.



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