Common traffic errors that may lead to legal pitfalls in Australia


Many people returned to work after the holidays this week, but the driving and road problems don't end once the holidays are over.

Driving teacher Mr. Jamil Batshon says, "The responsibility for knowing the law rests with the one who obtains the driver's license, and if he is not aware of it, he can search for it at the Land and Maritime Transport Authority in the state of New South Wales."
For example, they provide him with all the information and laws."

Traffic experts point out the need to pay attention to laws that include many behaviors in addition to the laws governing driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or speed.

Drivers in Australia can face heavy fines due to a large number of road laws that are unknown to many Australian drivers.

While speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs make up the bulk of road offences, there are many rules of the road that can catch even the most law-abiding drivers.

Do you know that actions such as throwing the core of an apple or banana peel, honking the horn as a sign to say "hello" or "goodbye", or using a mobile phone in a drive-thru to pay for a hamburger or the like are all considered offenses punishable by law ?

Mr. Jamil Batshoun, a driving instructor in Sydney, says that some drivers "feel happy if they evaded the police, but they feel unfair if they were caught in violation."

Mr. Batshon stressed "the obligation to respect traffic rules and laws."

He said that it is not the duty or duties of the policeman to interpret the law, but rather he "implements the law passed by Parliament."

While Mr. Batshon pointed out the importance of obtaining adequate information about laws and the necessity of respecting them, he mentioned some rules that are hidden from many, including:

  • Park the car within walking distance of the intersection
  • Failure to stop completely at a stop sign at an intersection
  • Throw fruit scraps out of the car window
  • Car honking as a farewell signal
  • Mobile phone use in fast food restaurants
  • Pass through a gas station to the other street
  • Causing people to get wet on the road
  • Accelerate while the other driver is trying to pass
  • Turning the car lights on and off to warn other drivers coming from the opposite side of the presence of a speed camera
  • Climb onto the planted side of the sidewalk in an area surrounding a school
  • Do not give way to horses
  • Get out of the car with the engine running

Mr. Batshon pointed out that these laws differ in different Australian states.



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