Weather conditions in the Australian states with exceptional heat waves and rain


A heat wave hit the southern parts of the country with a rise in temperatures, and temperatures are expected to remain above 30 degrees during the next week, with heavy rains in the northern state of Queensland.

On the other hand, temperatures will record a significant rise in both Melbourne and Adelaide on Monday and Tuesday, reaching 30 degrees, offset by a decrease on Wednesday.

Meteorologist Dean Narramore also reported that Melbourne and Adelaide saw temperatures above 30 degrees yesterday.

Pointing out that the morning in Melbourne today is a bit gloomy, but it does not seem hot, with the expectation of the demise of clouds this afternoon.

He added that he expected the temperature to reach around 38 degrees in Adelaide and 37 degrees in Melbourne.

While regional areas tend to reach 40 degrees.

In this context, Tasmania is also likely to experience a heat wave, with Hobart temperatures reaching 30 degrees on Tuesday.

North Queensland got its fair share of rain, with around 300mm falling yesterday and 200mm overnight.

So in conclusion, we are reminded of the possibility of flash floods with rivers continuing to be a greater concern over the weekend into early next week.



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