Calls for health care reform in Australia as costs rise for the first time in history

CALLS FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM IN AUSTRALIA AS Rising Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to tackle the country's healthcare system, with treatment costs soaring beyond patients' ability to afford.

The latest data indicated that combined billing rates reached a low of 83 percent last year, with the real numbers expected to be even worse.

In this context, doctors from the Australian Medical Association said that the matter is getting more difficult for patients, as the patient may have to pay about $ 41 for a 20-minute general practitioner consultation at the maximum.

The fee is now over $39.26 for the Medicare deductible for the first time in history.

At the same time, industry insiders warn that doing nothing will put more pressure on hospitals and the healthcare system, and people will get sicker as their chronic diseases go undetected.

It is worth noting that the Prime Minister indicated that there will be about 50 new clinics to provide urgent care to patients with non-life-threatening injuries, which will help relieve pressure on the health system. Alifha for the first time in history.



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