Livestock farming in Australia

Australia is considered one of the economically prosperous countries in the world, as it ranked third among the countries in the world in terms of the size of its economy, and it is distinguished as one of the countries in which the poverty rate decreases, and it is a thriving economic market that depends heavily on the services sector, in addition to the agricultural and mining sectors. They play a major role in the Australian economy, as there are many mines from which a lot of minerals are extracted, such as gold, lead, iron, coal and others. They also have many agricultural crops of high economic value, particularly wheat, sugar cane, cotton and other crops. In addition to some industries, some of which depend on agricultural and animal production, and some of them depend on heavy industries. There is no doubt that the livestock in Australia is one of the important things that played a major role in the Australian economy, and in our article this will be the subject of our conversation. Livestock for the economy in Australia.

Livestock in Australia

Australia is famous for its large livestock, as livestock breeding is widespread in it, so that it ranked second in the world after China in terms of the large number of livestock in it, with a number of 126 million head of livestock in 2006, and there are several reasons behind this large number of heads of livestock , It is as follows :

  • The presence of large areas of pastures and green meadows in which livestock graze, and these areas accounted for 54% of the country’s area.
  • There is permanent water available for irrigating livestock.
  • Australia is considered one of the regions with a very favorable climate for raising livestock.
  • Keep up with them and their use of modern and advanced methods and methods in raising livestock.

The importance of livestock farming in Australia

The focus is usually on livestock breeding because it has many advantages, such as its rapid capital turnover, being one of the organisms with high reproductive efficiency, and its low-cost pens when established, and it does not require a lot of labor to supervise and care for it, and livestock is considered one of the organisms that can withstand hunger and thirst for periods It is long and has modest nutritional needs, and it is possible for livestock to adapt to live in desert areas. Cattle breeding is one of the important economic activities in Australia, and its importance is as follows:

  • It reduced the unemployment rate, as it provided many job opportunities for the local and foreign workforce.
  • Livestock products are an important export that has fueled the Australian economy.
  • Also, the various animal products from the livestock served the needs of the local Australian market.
  • The Australian sheep, called Marinos, is one of the most wool-producing sheep, and this is what made Australia rank first in the world in terms of wool production.
  • And the large number of meat, milk and its derivatives, and ghee produced from livestock made Australia rank first in the world in its production.


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