New delivery service from Woolworths that will make your life easier

Retail company Woolworths has released a new app that delivers orders across Sydney's suburbs in less than an hour.


The company named its new service "Metro 60" and said it will deliver your orders to your door in less time than you expect for only $5 over the purchase price.

Woolworths employees will receive your orders and they will send them to Uber partner who delivers them to you.

The service will be allowed for the purchases value $20 at least.

Woolworths director of development is saying "The customer will get their order within 60 minutes".

Buyers can choose from 4,000 products found in the company's stores, including vegetables and fruits, chicken, sushi, flowers and animal food.

The app was launched in beta last month and now officially works in 7 stores servicing 70 Sydney suburbs.

The area served extends from Vaucluse to Malabar and Mascot in the south, and Gleb in the west.

The company is also thinking in expanding its service to compete with other services such as Milk Run and Door Rush.

Experts believe that the biggest challenges to the new service are the proposed price and service areas, but it may be very popular due to its association with a major brand such as Woolworths.

Coles supermarkets has a similar service that takes 90 minutes and charges $11 for delivery.



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