A "stolen" car overturned at the top of Melbourne's Westgate Bridge

Overnight, a stolen car overturned after colliding with another car atop Melbourne's Westgate Bridge.
Residents witnessed an orange Toyota Corolla speeding bizarrely in and out of traffic, heading onto the bridge shortly after 1am.
Victoria Police said the collision caused the orange car to slide across three lanes of traffic.
Two women and one man, who were stuck inside the car, had other drivers pull over to help.
Victoria Company officers patrolled the area of the incident but were unable to locate the persons involved.
"The two women and the man were last seen running along the Westgate Bridge towards Williamstown Road," police said in a statement.
State police believe that one person in the crash was injured, but the driver of the vehicle was unharmed.
Police said the car was stolen from Brunswick on Friday.



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