Watch 10 amazing shots of the coast of Australia from the plane


Very exciting shots were taken of a number of coasts where violent waves hit rugged rocks, white foamy waters struggle within turquoise waters, and you see creative swirls in the waters with their ink-blue color.
The series of breathtaking aerial photos were taken daily on the west coast of Australia.
The filming took place as part of an integrated photography project called "Salty Wings", which is the brainchild of Michael Gotts and Gamble Williamson, who have traveled since last January to visit remote cities and coasts and photograph their coasts via a small drone.
The two young men work as professional photographers and have impressive collections of photos and tourist trips to photograph different distinctive places around the world.

1- The Iconic Albanian Coast

A drone image shows the Albanian coastline in the Perth region.

2- Turtle Bay Boats

Powerboats racing through the turquoise waters of the Montebello Islands in Turtle Bay.

3- Color contrast at Cape Leveque

Orange cliffs, white sands and blue waters create an incredible contrast at Cape Levick, Kimberley.

4- Turquoise Bay and its water activity

Turquoise Bay in Exmouth, which dazzled everyone with pictures of active coastline and green algae.

5- Sand, Rock and Water in the Kimberley

Kimberley seems to have many scenic spots where three stunning elements of pristine sand, rugged rocks and vibrant blue waters all come together in one Kimberley shot.

6- Sunset at Port Gregory

Where the pink color covers everything in a dazzling surreal look at sunset, taken from above Gregory Harbour.

7- Strength and beauty in Esperance

You can see the beauty and the power together in this shot captured of the biowave action in Esperance, Western Australia.

8- Whales in Bremer Valley

The photo was taken between January and April, home to the largest population of killer whales in the Southern Hemisphere. On an area of 40 km off the coast of Bremer Bay, which made it the unique ecosystem of a wonderful environment for whales in the Bremer Valley area.

9- Albanian Rocky Coast

The Albanian coast is also blessed with great diversity, where the rocks are creative in shapes, from which you can enjoy seeing the water from above.

10- Cape Range National Park

It is a rugged area where adventures on the beach and between the rocks, the Cape Range National Park is characterized by its stunning scenery on the beach as well.


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