5 tips to get the awesome Sydney style in your home

Do you feel that your home needs an awesome modern makeover? Are you thinking of making some renovations in your home to beautify your space, but don't know how to start? You are now in the right place when it comes to modern Australian interior decorating styles. Follow this article to answer all the questions in your head.

Sydney boasts some of Australia's most impressive apartments, terrace houses and bungalows featuring gorgeous modern interiors that deserve to be on the pages of home interior design magazine. Here are 5 practical tips on how to bring some Sydney flair into your humble abode, so keep reading if you want to know more!

1- Choose simple furniture

Sydney Homes believes in the concept of minimalist furniture that creates a comfortable and inviting space that has a timeless aesthetic and is heavily inspired by Scandinavian interior decorating styles. If you would love to see some of Sydney's signature style in your home, we highly recommend opting for simplicity when selecting the main items of furniture. Whether it is the sofa, coffee table, or kitchen and dining room chairs, simple furniture and accessories are more practical and characterized by flat and smooth surfaces and strong, clean lines. We recommend choosing furniture pieces that emphasize the essential nature of each element. Prioritize pieces that are simple and elegant in their structure. Coffee tables should feature simple shapes and legs.

2- Get inspired by the coast

The majority of Sydney homes source inspiration from modern coastal interior design. The coastal interior accessory embraces the relaxed Australian lifestyle by retaining open plan living spaces and outdoor spaces. Combined with simple furnishings and dΓ©cor, this creates a stunning combination that many Sydney homes feature. Some of the popular coastal elements found in these gorgeous Sydney homes include whitewashed wood paneling, a range of curtains, and natural elements such as straw, linen, bamboo, leather, cotton, and hemp.

3- Lush green plants

Nothing beats the serenity that indoor plants bring to your home in addition to the many health and mental benefits of including plants in the home. However, look for interesting leaf shapes, patterns, and colors, and be sure to create a depth element of varying sizes and heights. Most importantly, make sure you choose wisely, as nothing takes away from your interior beauty more than a collection of dying plants. When designing your home with plants, it is also essential to choose modern plant pots that complement your home interior. Some popular choices for Sydney homes include concrete, fiberglass, stone and ceramic planters.

4- Put some large pieces

When choosing decor, we highly recommend choosing a few oversized pieces like large paintings, prints, and mirrors over their smaller counterparts. This idea can be applied throughout your home apart from the rooms, where it can be an instant talking point for your guests. Some of our favorite Sydney-approved options include oversized lampshades, oversized pendant lighting, large decorative mirrors, XL indoor planters/plants, large canvases and extra-large sculptures. But a must when choosing oversized items is to choose something you really like. Since your pieces will be the focal point of your home, you don't want to choose something that you'll quickly get tired of seeing. You need to make sure that you choose pieces that not only do you absolutely adore in the moment, but that you will love to see in the future as well.

5- New color for the wall of the house

Rethinking your home's wall color and trying a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your home a distinctive Sydney feel. In general, most modern Sydney homes feature a neutral or monochromatic color palette in shades of white, cream, gray or beige. This can be complemented with a splash of bold color in the form of an accent wall, textured wall, or wall panels that will add a touch of modern industrial elegance without appearing too intense. Choose monochromatic colors on your walls. Neutral wall colors can be experimented with accenting a darker, bolder wall that creates the perfect backdrop for your bed or sofa.



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