The Australian Prime Minister is seeking advice regarding the new variable discovered in Victoria


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the federal government is monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in the country, and has confirmed that he is consulting health authorities after the emergence of a new strain of Omicron.

The state of Victoria witnessed the emergence of the new strain, The Kraken, a few days ago, which included several variants containing new mutations.

Albanese said on Saturday that the continued emergence of new variants is expected now and in the future.

Not only did the new strain appear in Australia, but it constituted 40% of new infections in the United States.

In New South Wales, a number of XBB1.5 cases were recorded last December.

For its part, the World Health Organization announced that the new variable is the most widespread and rapidly transmissible variable, and indicated its fear of the speed of its transmission.

However, the organization has not confirmed whether XBB.1.5 causes severe symptoms, while the nickname The Kraken is for the mythical octopus-like creature.



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