Sharks and coral reefs are threatened with extinction... and what is the impact on Australia?


A new study warns that famous marine animals such as tiger sharks and hammerheads could soon disappear from the world.

The study revealed that about 60 percent of sharks and coral reef species globally are at risk of extinction.

This is very worrying and dangerous.

In the context of this, fishing has been identified as the main threat to sharks, compounding the risks of climate change and habitat loss.

Experts pointed out that these types of animals cannot cope well with hunting pressure because their reproduction rates are low.

And the fact that these large animals are at risk of extinction means that there is a cascading death in all ecosystems.

On the other hand, there are solutions, but they are not applicable everywhere, for example, it is still legal in Australia to hunt some endangered species such as the scalloped hammerhead, and change is supposed to start from here.

In conclusion, globally, Australia is a relatively good place to conserve these endangered species of sharks, but we must first combat their hunting, as having healthy numbers of sharks is critical to the health of the ocean, and therefore to our lives.



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