Life-threatening floods in these Australian regions

Australian states are facing two extremes of weather, as Queensland suffers from life-threatening floods, while fires threaten Western Australian forests, but both events are expected to end in the coming days.

Heavy rain is likely across the Sunshine State, including southeastern parts of Herbert and Lourdesken before rolling over the central coast later in the day.

Meanwhile, residents of southwestern Western Australia now face a serious threat from bushfires that are rapidly spreading towards homes in Donnybrook Ballingup.

In this context, the Meteorological Office warned that the total precipitation would reach approximately 500-600 mm.

The heaviest rainfall was seen near Brisbane, with 235 mm recorded since 9am yesterday.

The heavy rains created chaos for the emergency services, with the closure of major roads and some other highways.

Also, in the past 24 hours, at least two people have called for rescue.



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