Heavy floods ravage Australia, and the army intervenes to save the situation


Severe floods swept through a number of Australian regions.
The floods began in the sparsely populated Kimberley region of Western Australia state last week, as a result of a tropical storm that brought heavy rains.
In a statement issued by the state’s Minister of Emergency Services, Stephen Dawson, he said: “Water is everywhere..people in Kimberley are suffering from floods that had a probability of not exceeding one percent..they are the worst in Western Australia..flood waters covered areas of up to fifty kilometers in some places. regions and they cover the entire horizon.”
The Met Office said in a statement: "Rainfall has decreased as the previous storm moved east into the Northern Territory. We are warning of continued large, record-breaking flooding in the Kimberley region of Western Australia."
Accordingly, helicopters of the Australian army are transporting hundreds of population centers isolated by massive floods in the northwest of the country, where water covers the entire horizon in some areas.



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