Discounts on hundreds of products at major Australian stores

Australian supermarkets have begun cutting prices on hundreds of products, as the cost of living crisis continues to plague residents.

Coles announced that it will cut prices on more than 300 new items from Wednesday through April 11, after the Easter break.

In this context, these brands, including Kellogg's, Kleenex, L'Oreal, Morning Fresh, Gillette, Uncle Toby's, Four N' Twenty, Arnott's, Steggles, McCain, Carman's, Cold Power, along with a number of Coles brand products.

The CEO of Coles also made a very important point, which is that the price reduction process includes twice the amount of items that were reduced in price last year.

Stressing that most Australian families suffer from financial crises after the Christmas period, so he will try to support Australia's budgets by reducing the prices of hundreds of popular and basic products.

Finally, Woolworths officials added that they are also committed to meeting the needs of customers as the cost of living crisis continues.



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