Australia calls on Papua New Guinea to quickly reach a security treaty against China


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, during a visit to Papua New Guinea Thursday, called on his small neighbor to "quickly conclude" a new security agreement with his country to block China's expansion in the Pacific.

In the first speech by a foreign head of government to the parliament of Papua New Guinea, Albanese said "family first".

Albanese called on the small country rich in natural resources to "conclude quickly" a security treaty with his country.

Since his election in May, the Albanese government (center-left) has been making every effort to consolidate relations with Australia's Pacific neighbors to block the way for China, which is working to expand its influence in the ocean.

And in 2022, the Solomon Islands signed a security agreement with Beijing, in a move that raised Western fears that such agreements would pave the way for a permanent Chinese military presence in the region.

Australia has long-standing relations, particularly in defense matters, with Papua New Guinea, which was a territory belonging to Australia but gained its independence in 1975.



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