A strange accident in Australia .. He woke up from his sleep and found a car in his room

Perth, the most populous city in Australia, witnessed a strange incident, as a person was surprised when a car entered his bedroom, breaking through one of its walls.

In statements to the "Daily Mail" newspaper, Eddie Flynn said that he was in his bed when he was surprised by a car storming his bedroom, after the driver lost control of it.

Flynn said that he miraculously escaped death, as the room was completely destroyed and he was trapped under the rubble for a while before he could get out of his room, stressing that his son was outside the room at the moment of the accident.

Flynn said he was lucky to be alive and joked that he would buy a lottery ticket as soon as he could find his wallet under the rubble.

And about the accident, eyewitnesses from the neighbors said that the car flew through the air before crashing into the wall of Eddie Flynn's house.
The newspaper pointed out, however, that the 21-year-old driver was seriously injured and was taken to the Royal Perth Hospital.



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