A shark scares beachgoers in Australia

A video clip published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" showed disturbing footage of a large shark swimming meters away from people on Mullaloo Beach, north of Perth in the famous Western Australia, despite the shallowness of the water in this area, and the pictures were taken by a drone, and the fish heads towards a woman while she swims without You can feel it, and then move between the beachgoers who can swim in the water.
The appearance of the shark caused terror among the beach goers, if they shouted about the presence of the shark approaching people, and some thought it was a dolphin, but they soon discovered that it was a "tiger shark", when that type of fish appeared in this area long ago and as a result of that The beach closed, and as temperatures warmed, the swimmers returned to the water in the afternoon.
"Toby Nicol", a fan of sharks, said that he went to search for the shark and had already seen it appear in the video clip and move quietly without causing harm to anyone, indicating that this is evidence that sharks are not interested in humans, and yet it happens Dangers, so it is recommended to use applications to monitor the movement of sharks in Australia.
A 2.5m tiger shark thrives off Mullaloo Beach, and the same shark is believed to have caused the closure of Mullaloo in mid-December, and there have been dozens of sightings along the Perth coast in the past month.



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