A new way of improving Australian drivers performance

A new opportunity for Australian drivers to take away negative points was announced early this year under a proposal from NSW Opposition.

The state's Labor Party has pledged to offer a 12-month pilot programme.

Under the programme, drivers will be rewarded by removing negative points.

In this context, it takes three years from the time the offense was first committed to remove the point.

On the other hand, the workers explain that the government's goal is to increase revenue, claiming that the removal of warning signs for speed cameras has led to penalties rising from $4 million in 2020 to $41 million in 2021 and $40 million in 2022 for speeding offences. .

But Opposition Leader Chris Minns said it would be a big deal for even one traffic fatality to come.

So after recording a number of deaths during the holiday period, we need a new approach.

Now is the time to put safety back on our path, not increase revenue.



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