A government program that exempts teachers from tuition debts in return for working in certain areas


The government will waive tuition debt for teachers who spend four years teaching too far away in a primary or secondary school or daycare centre.

This decision is expected to save teachers an average of $35,000 per teacher.

Qualified teachers will either waive their initial teaching degree debt or any remaining debt upon beginning a teaching career, by choosing the lower amount.

This program will initially be available to teachers who have worked in remote locations since 2019, which means that those who already teach in those areas can get this help.

Education Secretary Jason Clare said the measure was part of the government's plan to improve educational outcomes for students in remote and very remote areas.

“The program is designed to attract and retain a high-quality workforce of teachers, provide important educational continuity, and support students in very remote areas,” he said.

The places covered by the chart are those defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as 'very remote', including large parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and northwestern New South Wales.



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