The safest city in Australia .. Get to know it now

The safest city in Australia is one of the important topics that everyone who wants to come to Australia for permanent residence or tourism. It is known that security and safety in cities are linked to a decrease in the crime rate, be it murders, robberies and thefts. Not only that, but the level of safety in the Australian continent is measured by staying away and avoiding everything that causes harm and harm to the residents.
Especially the nature of wildlife and the resulting environmental disasters and the animals they contain dangerous to the human presence close to them. But in any case, if you want to come to Australia and spend your vacation in one of its cities during the coming period.
Read this article with us to learn about the safest and most enjoyable Australian cities.

The safest city in Australia

The Australian continent is an important tourist destination for many people from all over the world. It is also considered one of the most important countries for immigration to permanent residence and settlement. This is due to the good standard of living, education, health insurance and various job opportunities it provides to the expatriates in its lands.
But this is not all that a newcomer to this special country is looking for, but he desperately wants to know the safest cities in Australia. Which allows him to reside permanently and comfortably or for a temporary period without any obstacles or fears.
There is no doubt that there are many Australian cities and regions that are characterized by a decent standard of living and a high degree of security and safety that attract new visitors, a number of which we will review in our next lines.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is an important tourist destination with its prime location in the far east of Australia. Where it attracts tourists to enjoy the beauty of its coast, sandy cliffs and stunning beaches, in addition to its charming atmosphere overlooking the sea.
In addition, it is one of the safest areas in Australia, where crime rates are low and armed manifestations are present. It also decreases the attacks of animals and reptiles compared to other Australian places. Otherwise, Byron Bay provides a unique opportunity for tourists to spend quality time watching whales from afar, especially in the period between May and November.
It is also necessary to know the monthly cost of living for everyone who wants to visit the Gulf, which is an estimated $3,365 per month. The cost of renting an apartment in Byron Bay is $2,196 per month.

Sydney is one of the safest cities in Australia

Although it is not the main capital of Australia, it is one of the largest cities in it. It is also one of the important destinations for many people, whether to stay or spend a special summer vacation. In addition, Sydney is one of the safest cities on the Australian continent, where natural disasters and crime rates are low. It also decreased the rates of exposure to attacks by dangerous reptiles and poisonous spiders spread in Australia.
On the other hand, Sydney is considered one of the most expensive cities due to its large area and its richness with the most important service and tourist facilities. Where the monthly living cost is estimated at about $2,675 per month, and the residential rental cost is $1,634 per month.
In addition, people head to Sydney to enjoy its many entertainment and attractions. Especially the Opera House, which is an important historical and tourist destination, as well as the skyscrapers and the oldest historical buildings in this charming city. There are also cafes and restaurants that offer delicious Australian and Asian cuisine, and other distinctive natural features.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and one of the most remote cities in the world. It is characterized by its wide natural spaces, where deserts are in the north, south and east, while the sea borders it in the west. In addition, Perth is very popular with visitors due to its low crime rates and natural disasters. In addition to what it provides them with the beauty of nature and the attractive tourist and archaeological sites in it.
On the other hand, the monthly cost of living in Perth is estimated at $2,689 per month. Rent and accommodation costs are $1,765 per month. These costs are necessary to know for anyone who wants to go to Perth for the purpose of residence or tourism.

Hobart is one of the safest cities in Australia

Hobart is the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania, located at the foot of Mount Wellington. As such, it is the gateway to enjoy the beauty of nature in Tasmania. It is also a safe and distinguished place to spend holidays without any obstacles for many visitors. Hobart is filled with many charming ancient buildings that can be visited and enjoy the fragrant history through them.
It also contains many restaurants with different prices according to the degree of each restaurant. In the event that you want to spend more time in this city, the visitor should know the monthly cost of living in it, which is estimated at 1654 dollars per month. The cost of residential rent is $887 per month.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and one of the best and safest cities in Australia, as it is a multicultural population mixture. Many students come to Melbourne to study and live there due to its safe and affordable cost of living.
Where the monthly cost of living in Melbourne is estimated at 2234 dollars, and the cost of housing rent is 693 dollars per month.
In addition, Melbourne has attractive tourist destinations for visitors from all over the world. Including cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food at reasonable prices. Melbourne also provides a unique opportunity for lovers of running for long tracks through its available spaces, in addition to its richness in markets and shops that are teeming with life and into the late hours of the night.
And without being exposed to the theft and robbery cases in most major cities around the world.


A 90-minute bus ride south of Sydney, Wollongong is a coastal city par excellence. Where there are many beaches and rocky cliffs that make it an attractive destination for tourists. On the other hand, Wollongong provides a unique opportunity for surfers to compete with each other in an atmosphere of intimacy and fun.
Everyone who comes to Wollongong also enjoys the many shopping options. Through shops and stores spread across its neighborhoods, which offer various products at acceptable prices. In addition, the city of Wollongong is among the safest cities in Australia, where the visitor moves without fear of robbery or burglary, due to the high-level security arrangements. Which always seeks to protect the residents and visitors to this city. In addition, the cost of living in Wollongong is $1,843 per month, and the monthly rental cost is estimated at $884.

At the conclusion of our article, this was a group of the safest cities in Australia, which can be an important destination for residence or tourism for you, dear reader, whether you are alone or with your family and children. There is usually no need to fear and worry about theft, burglary and other potential dangers in cities.



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