8 Most popular food in Australia

Australia has a wide variety of food menus for anyone who loves and is looking for good food. The diversity in these foods indicates the different people who are in Australia and the diversity of their tastes.

Australian cuisine, like other cuisines, contains many types of meals, appetizers and desserts.

Here we will mention some of the most popular and famous Australian foods.

1- Vegemite

This dish is very well known in Australia, and it seems that its fame has spread beyond its original country to reach all parts of the world. As for its nature, it is a black paste that is used to spread sandwiches, and it has recently been used as a filling for pies. This type of food is considered one of the foods rich in vitamin D. It has a smooth and sticky texture at the same time, and its taste is a bit pungent, so it may have a strange taste for someone who tastes it for the first time, but he will soon get used to it and love it.

2- Pie Floater

This is considered an exceptional dish in the regions of South Australia, which is a meat pie turned over and placed on a thick layer of green pea soup, then covered with tomato and mint sauce, and served with salad and a little pepper. These pancakes are especially useful during evening picnics. In 2003, this dish received the title (Symbol of Australian Heritage) for its fame and its closeness to the hearts of Australians.

3- Chiko Roll

This dish was invented by (Frank McInro) and was inspired by the (Chinese egg roll). As for its nature, it is a thick roll containing ingredients such as celery, barley, cabbage, beef, corn, carrots, onions and flavored spices, all of these ingredients are wrapped in a roll of flour and egg dough, and then fried. People like these rolls because they fill them with ready-made filling, and they are easy to eat while they are walking or moving. Today, this type of food has spread outside Australia until Australians began exporting it to Japan. Its popularity reached its peak between 1960 and 1970, when the number of sold in Australia reached about 40 million rolls annually.

4- Australian Meat Pie

This is a dish that has its own distinct flavor from all other dishes, as these hot pancakes have won a high place among international dishes, in addition to being the favorite dish of all local Australians today. Because of its popularity, a large competition is held annually, attracting makers of various pies to compete in the mastery of preparing this dish.

Its main ingredients are meat and a little meat broth, in addition to onions, mushrooms and cheese. This type of food is one of the favorite ready-made snacks among people, especially while playing.

5- Lamington

This is a delicious and charming dish in its traditional cube shape, which is a sponge cake dipped in a cover of chocolate and then covered with grated coconut, and also provided with a layer of strawberry jam or cream that is placed between each two halves of it. This dish is well known and available in Australia and in many countries of the world.

6- Anzac Biscuits

It is a local biscuit with an interesting history, as its mention is accompanied by the mention of the New Zealand and Australian Corps (ANZAC) that were fighting in the First World War. It is said that the soldiers who were staying outside their homes were receiving these biscuits from their wives. As for its ingredients, it consists of flour, sugar, grated coconut, oats, butter, boiling water and baking soda. One of the most important features of this biscuit is that it does not spoil on the road or with time.

7- Pavlova

This dish is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, and it is a kind of unique dessert in Australia, which is a small mass consisting mainly of a layer of fruit inside, and a thin layer of fruit on the outside, and fresh fruits such as: strawberries are used. And kiwi and banana with wonderful whipped cream.

8- Damper

It is the traditional Australian bread, which is made without yeast, and during the camps and camps this dish is the favorite food. Its main ingredients are flour, water, and sometimes milk. In the old days, cattle herders were content with flour and sugar for its ingredients. Today, walnuts are added to this dish to give it a delicious taste, and it is eaten with jam and butter.



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